Here are some guidelines that may assist you in this ministry.

1. HEAD USHER reports an HOUR EARLIER to open doors.

2. Other ushers arrive at the Church at least 20 minutes before Mass starts.

3. Check to see that the collection baskets are handy at the back of the Church. They should be beside the little table in the vestibule. You may have to bring the baskets out from the old confessional by the statue of Mary and child.

4. Take the two bowls and wafers from the cupboard of the Credence Table by the Tabernacle and place them on the table provided.

5. Ensure each parishioner puts a wafer into the ciborium.

6. You are the first face of Jesus that people walking into the Church encounter before any other person. Therefore, with an honest smile, greet people as they come through the doors by simply saying as per example, "Good Morning," "Good Afternoon" or "Good evening" and "I am glad to welcome you to Mass at St. Peter's. Have a blessed celebration!"

7. Ensure to control the NOISE LEVEL at the Foyer or Entrance Area to minimize distraction. This is to offer respect and opportunity to parishioners steeped into contemplation and meditation in preparing their minds and themselves before Mass begins.

8. Only assist people in finding seats after the Mass has begun, and then preferably, assist people down the side aisle so as not to disturb the flow of the Mass. As far as showing people to their seats, try only to do this when the Church is especially crowded and if people are standing and do not know where to go. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK PEOPLE TO PROVIDE ROOM FOR OTHERS so that people do not keep standing and wondering.

9. After 5:00 p.m. or 10:00 a.m. Mass, please, Head Usher should have arranged 5 ushers to stand at the exits of the Church and hand out bulletins to parishioners as they leave the Church to go home.

10. After Mass has ended, and parishioners have gone home, ensure that all remaining bulletins are evenly distributed, and placed in the bulletin holders located at all four doors: the door at the choir area leading to the Parish Office; South Side door by the Baptistery; and the two doors at the vestibule or Gathering Area at the main entrances of the Church.

11. Ensure that those going to William Booth Care Home take as much needed bulletins with them and not a whole bunch of bulletins.

12. You must have four ushers. If need be, select them from parishioners at Mass. After taking up the collection at 5:00 p.m. Saturday or 9:00 a.m. Sunday, you will bring-up the collection baskets with the GIFTS to the Presider.

13. You may verify if parents of newly baptized, confirmation candidates or some other person(s), couples, singles, widows or widowers have been chosen as gift-bearers to bring up the gifts during Mass.

14. The Pastor and Liturgy should notify the head of each ushering group that for an up-coming baptism(s), 1st Communion or Confirmation, parents of the baptized or 1st Communion or Confirmation candidates would bring up the gifts to the Presider.

15. The Presider will leave the collection basket in front of the Altar. Immediately after Mass [as the priest bows to the altar and turns to leave the sanctuary area with ministers], it is your responsibility [HEAD USHER] and another usher, to take the collection baskets and lock-up the collection in the steel box in the "MUSIC CABINET" in the Sacristy. NO ONE USHER should take the collection to deposit in its safe deposit in the sacristy. Designated Collection Counters will pick it up from the steel box [after Sunday Mass] and count the money before depositing it at the bank.

16. Direct the flow of traffic during Holy Communion by leading people from pew to pew.

17. Please, turn out the lights in washrooms and staircases within the Church complex after the Saturday Evening and Sunday Morning Masses.

18. Ensure that you lock and secure all Church doors before leaving Church complex.

19. Confer with Building & Grounds representative or the Pastor to monitor temperature in the Church. Do not be afraid to open the windows, especially during summer when the temperature can be hot and air is stuffy at Mass.

20. Remember to close [slide glass windows back down] windows after Mass before you leave the Church complex. DO NOT OPEN WINDOWS WHEN AIR CONDITIION IS RUNNING.

21. Once Mass has begun, please, take your seat.

22. If you have any questions, always consult Captain or Pastor.

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