Pasotral Care Team

Here are some guidelines that may assist you in this ministry.

Pastoral Care Visitations
"He who can preserve gentleness amid pains, and peace amid worry, and a multitude of affairs is almost perfect" (St. Francis de Sales). Familiar natural crisis touch our existence frequently in one way or the other: birth, growth, guilt, forgiveness, maturity, love, sickness, death, bereavement. We also experience personal, community, national and worldwide major moments such as separation or divorce after years of marriage, a local hideous murder, natural disaster, hunger etc. In all, we possess a human need to make sense out of the reality which we experience, give it meaning, learn what to do about it, find strength to cope with the burdens and to discover ways to express joy and blessings over painful realities (Excerpt from "Special Signs of grace" by Joseph M. Champlain, p. 143). Therefore, persons serving on this committee are to bring Christ's love, care and tenderness effectively to people in need of compassion, understanding and healing.

Role of Pastoral Care Visitations Committee
* Find gifted persons to enhance the presence of God in some touchable or tangible moments of one's life
* Find means of helping brothers and sisters in Christ to discover the spiritual meaning of such graced moments.
* To share with them the ministry of our Church
* To be able to serve as a strong link between the Church and the sick in hospitals and Shut-ins in Care Homes or in their own homes
* To coordinate with the Pastor for special Pastoral visitations, especially when there is a request to celebrate the Sacraments of the Sick and Reconciliation
* Visit new families when they register with St. Peter Parish family.
* Organize outreach towards special needs people, handicapped, separated, divorced and remarried, single parents, the distressed, those in physical needs such as the hungry, the aged, widow and widowers, the stranded and the stranger.

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