Parish Council

Every Pastor has special responsibilities to church law and to the local bishop, which are his alone. However, the Pastor is encouraged to involve parishioners in many areas of shared responsibility to serve the parish community without being in conflict with the Pastor's special responsibilities. The Pastor is NOT a voting member on the council.

The Chairperson animates and chairs Council meetings so that members are encouraged to participate actively and speak freely. The Chairperson, in consultation with the Pastor, always prepares an agenda in advance and circulates to members by either e-mail or hard copy in their respective mailboxes before council meetings. The Chairperson strives to make the council active and concerned about its responsibilities. The Chairperson has a right to vote in the event of a tie.

Vice Chairperson

Recording Secretary
The recording secretary of the Pastoral Council shall be appointed and shall have no voting privileges. "The secretary may fulfill an extensive technical role for the council. Preferably this person is an appointed recording secretary, and therefore, NOT a VOTING member of the council and not subject to the term of service."

Liturgy Committee - Liturgy Chairperson & Co-chairperson
Liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed; at the same time, it is the foundation from which all her power flows (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy Vatican II)

The life of the parish community centers on the Sacred Liturgy. From it, the parish community receives its reason to, its strength and its life.
Works with the Pastor to provide meaningful liturgical celebrations.
Coordinates lay participation at Mass, such as altar servers, choir directors, organists, lectors/readers, commentators/Community Leaders, ushers etc.
Organizes Liturgical Workshops with Pastor.
Obtains and maintains church supplies: choir and congregational music books, and cards, mass response cards etc.
Obtains and maintains liturgical furnishings and portable equipment: flowers, candles, Christmas crib, murals, altar linens, chalices, ciborium, baptism, obtains and maintains Liturgical vestments for priests and altar server gowns.

Pastoral Care Visitations
Care for the sick and grieving. For more information please check under liturgy/ministries.

Development & Peace (Social Justice)
Responsible for the social mission of the parish both within and outside parish boundaries.
Refugee Sponsorship
Local unemployment issues
Agricultural Crisis
In Solidarity with Developing Countries' issues
Some projects in a Developing Country
Appeal for aid for natural disasters
Bring awareness to the parish those critical, ethical and social issues, which affect all our lives, and are fundamental to Catholic Social Teachings.

Youth Representative
In collaboration with the Pastor, the Youth Coordinator, Youth Representative(s) and the Youth Committee, are responsible in fostering and coordinating activities that lead the youth of the parish to a better relationship with God and with the Church through solid, concise, comprehensive and related programs of Religious Education. The focus is to give a special care and concern to physical, mental, emotional, moral, psychological and spiritual development.

Vocation Awareness Representative
Promotes priesthood, religious life as priest, brother or sister/nun, marriage and single life.

Communications & Public Relations
Concerned with the social life within and outside the parish. Establishes and maintains a communication system for distributing information about issues and programs of concern to the various communities it serves.
Develops projects and programs designed to build "community", enthusiasm and good will.
Identifies social issues and human needs in the parish and in the community.
Promotes favorable relationships with other parishes.

Spiritual & Religious Education
This committee, in conjunction with Liturgy, and in consultation with resident Pastor, is responsible for assisting parishioners in the development of their spiritual life through educational programs such as:
Days of recollection
R.C.I.A. - Inquiry classes
Family Life Education programs
Christian Leadership courses
Guest speakers for special occasions
Sacramental preparation
Training of Lectors, Extra-ordinary Ministers of Bread and Cup, Ushers or Hospitality Ministers Etc.

Deanery Representative
Represents the parish at the Deanery Pastoral Council (DPC) and is the liaison between the parishes of the deanery and the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council (APC). The committee keeps the parish informed about deanery matters, and on how the parish can participate in inter-parish and inter-faith projects, activities or sacramental programs.

Responsible for inter-church and on-going understanding of works and initiatives towards Christian Unity.

Music Representative
Presents needs for instruments, equipment and songbooks to celebrate meaningful liturgies
Ensures safety of all musical equipment and instruments
Ensures that all musical equipment and instruments have proper approval of Music and Liturgy Committees before leaving parish premises
Maintains sound system or upgrades (when necessary).

Responsible for creating awareness and responsibilities of all parishioners to contribute to the parish community in proportion to the treasure God has bestowed upon each one of them. This may include but not excluded to time, talent, wealth, monetary gifts, wills, bequeathing etc.

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