Here are some guidelines that may assist you in this ministry.

OBSERVE SILENCE BY TALKING IN A LOW VOICE so that you become less a distraction to yourself and those preparing their minds and themselves for Mass. CONDUCT yourself while serving Mass.

Always clasp your hands together as if you were praying.

Remember to comport yourself all the time [no talking or "unnecessary" whisperings] so that you do not become a distracter to parishioners at prayer with you.

1. Arrive at the Church at least 15 MINUTES ahead of time as you must be ready and be at the back of the Church - the "Gathering area" by 4:45 p.m. [Saturdays] or 9:55 [Sundays].


3. Put on a clean, unwrinkled Server's robe. But before putting on your cincture and Cross, check to see that they are the appropriate COLOUR MATCH for the Liturgical Season colour (example: red, green, purple, violet, and white). Treat the vestments with care. Be sure that the alb is not too long or too short for you.

4. Size 1 (largest); Size 7 (smallest).

5. Your Mass Server's robe should come to the top of your shoes, and not drag your server's alb on the floor.

6. Check each other's hood is neat (when robes have hoods).

7. Tie the cincture in such a way that the knot is on your left hand side.

8. Check with the Altar Coordinator to make sure that the Credence Table is set up.

9. Make sure that the Sacramentary book and the bookstand are on the bench [Mass Server Captain seat] just beside the Presider.

10. Make sure that the acolyte Candles and matches are at the back of the Church for the procession. Always have spare matches with you.

11. "Captain" carries the Cross; the remaining servers carry the candles etc.

12. After a short prayer with the Presider in the Sacristy, all will proceed to the back of the Church following the Cross bearer.

13. Once Father arrives at the back of the Church, it is time to get into procession position. The order of the procession is as follows:


First: Incense & Thurible Bearer (Thuriffer - when priest indicates)
Second: Processional Cross Bearer
Third: Candle-bearers
Fourth: Lectors 1 & 2
Fifth: Priest(s)

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