Here are some guidelines that may assist you in this ministry.

1. Please, arrive at the Church at least 20 minutes before Mass.

2. Ensure to switch on all sanctuary/Church lights before mass begins.

3. THREE (3) MINUTES before ACTUAL Mass begins, go to the lectern in the sanctuary, greet and welcome everyone and begin announcements etc. Resume to your seat after announcing the "Gathering Hymn" [the choir might do this].

4. Following the CREED, take your place at the lectern in the sanctuary. The Presider will introduce the Prayers of the Faithful before you read out the day's "Prayers of the Faithful" set for that Mass. Stay in position until the Presider prays the concluding prayer to the intercessions, and then return to your seat.

5. After making the announcements, leave the Community Leader Folder on the Lectern for the Parish Secretary to pick it up on the Monday.

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