St. Peter's Roman Catholic. Burial Aid Society Regina, Saskatchewan

In 1982 the St. Peter's Catholic Burial Aid Society was organized by several interested parishioners of St. Peter.
The objective of the society is to create and maintain a fund, known as the burial fund, which will be used to help defray funeral expenses of the deceased members and to give comfort and assistance to the family members of the deceased, if required.

All members in Regina are notified by telephone about the funeral arrangements of a deceased member and those with email outside Regina by email.
Upon the death of a member, the next of kin shall receive a lump sum of $2.00 times the total membership. For example: as of October 2013 the total membership is 341, therefore the amount would be $682.
If you move and change parish you remain a member as long as you continue to contribute to the funeral fees when due.
Discounts are available from funeral homes:

1) Lee's Funeral Home and Victoria Avenue Funeral Home offers discount of $780 - for evening prayer/Visitation and Guest Book and Cards Package (letter dated Feb. 2008)
2) Speers Funeral Chapel Inc. offers a 10% discount on funeral merchandise (caskets, urns, guest register packages, memorial cards, etc.) and an additional 5% on prearrange and prepaid funerals. (letter dated Dec. 2007)
3) Regina Memorial Gardens offers 10% off pre-arranged funeral services and merchandise (professional services, casket & cremation container) only excluding the cremation retort fee. (offer only until Dec. 31, 2015)

Open to all members of St. Peters R.C. parish who are 18 years of age or older at the time of registration. Children up to the age of 18 years are automatically enrolled as members of the Society when the parents enrol.
New members will not be eligible for survivor benefits until 120 days have elapsed from the date of registration.

The membership fee is $2.00 per member.
An additional $2.00 is collected in advance which will be paid to the next of kin of a deceased member.

Dues of $2.00 per member are collected each time a member dies in order to maintain the fund.

For further information:
please call 306-543-7807 (Bernard - Secretary-treasurer) or 306-545-4789 (Doreen - President)
Pamphlet and membership forms are available at the back of St. Peter's Church

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