1. Try to be in Church at least 20 MINUTES before Mass.

2. Be sure to place Tabernacle key in the Tabernacle.

3. To all altar co-ordinators and sacristans: as you arrive into the church, glance at the gifts table at the gathering area and the credence table beside the Tabernacle just to ensure that necessary and needed items are in place. If these tables are not prepared, please, check the sacristy. If it is getting close to mass (10 minutes) with no sign of the scheduled person, please cover and do it yourself.

4. On SATURDAYS, check the number of consecrated hosts in the Tabernacle and communicate to Ushers any need to add extra 10-20 wafers into the ciborium [ciboria] - just to ensure that there will be enough hosts for William Booth Care Home on the Sunday or at emergencies.

5. While in the sacristy, turn on the lights. Find corresponding number of lights on paper just beside the switches themselves.


1. Look into the cupboards in the sanctuary for items you may need.

2. HOSTS: Ensure that there are not too many consecrated hosts in the Tabernacle. There should only be a handful - may be 12 consecrated hosts in the Tabernacle for emergencies only - Sacrament of the sick.

3. Mindful of congregation, judge how much wine you should pour into the Decanter for the Mass and place it on the Credence Table at the back of the Church. BETTER STILL, FILL THE DECANTER WITH WINE AND THE PRIEST WILL JUDGE HOW MUCH WINE TO USE AT THE MASS. You can find Wine Bottles in the cupboards right beside the light switches in the sacristy.

4. Place Chalice with Paten and Large Host (unconsecrated) on the Credence Table just by the Tabernacle.

5. Place two [Saturdays] and four [Sundays] chalices on the Credence Table beside the Tabernacle.

6. Three purificators on Saturday 5:00 p.m. and five on Sunday 10:00 a.m. Masses.

7. At the time when gifts are being brought forth to the altar, please, go to the back of the Church and bring the bowls with unconsecrated wafers to the Sacristy.

8. NEVER place UNCONSECRATED hosts in the Tabernacle, which may be mistaken for "consecrated hosts" and distributed to communicants.

9. Come to the Sanctuary after the "Sign of Peace."

10. As soon as you are at the sanctuary, bring ciborium from the tabernacle and place it on the altar.

11. After placing ciborium on the altar, distribute purificators on the altar to Cup Ministers.

12. After you have received the Cup from the priest, serve the Blood of Christ immediately to Ministers of the Body and Mass servers. Consume any remaining wine in the Chalice and place chalice on Credence Table by the Tabernacle.

13. Watch out to see when an extra-ordinary minister runs out of wine and make necessary and appropriate adjustment [e.g. ask another minister to move to the side that has run out of wine].

14. Soon after the distribution of communion, add [if any] all remaining hosts into one ciborium and place the ciborium back in the Tabernacle.

15. Immediately after Mass, turn off lights, and purify communion cups, paten [bread plate] and wine decanter in the sacristy. Ask for assistance to consume any remaining consecrated wine, if need be. Once these vessels are purified, wash all altar vessels with soap and rinse with HOT, HOT water.

16. Dry chalices with prescribed soft PINK/LIME/GREEN CLOTH found in the cupboard under the sink. PLEASE, HANDLE ALL VESSELS WITH CARE TO PREVENT CHIPPING, SCRATCHING AND BREAKAGES. Return vessels to their proper cupboard by the light switch panel. Place used towels and purificators in "Used Linen Bag" hanging by the Priest's Vestment closet. Ensure to leave sacristy neat and tidy.

17. After cleaning sacred vessels, place the two ciboria in the Credence Table just by the Tabernacle.

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